Saturday, 6 February 2010

Ignerents photos from summer '77

The first photo was taken in the summer of 1977, and it looks like Stan's front room in Herne Bay in Kent at a rehearsal. The shot features (L-R) Chris Harris (bass), Mark Leighton (guitar), Stan Gretsch (drums), Ben Challis (vox) and Steve Harris (guitar/vox).

The second photo was taken at All Saints Hall in Whitstable in July 1977. It feature (L-R) Mark Leighton (guitar), Chris Harris (bass), Stan Gretsch (mostly hidden, on drums), Ben Challis (vox) and Steve Harris (Guitar/vox).


  1. Thanks for this, Ben. I remember both of these gigs like they were last week. This has encouraged me to look in that box in my garage, where I have some bootleg cassettes recorded at Stan's house and at various gigs. I think there's some photos I took in there too.
    Nick Gold.

  2. Hey Nick

    Good to hear from you - I dont think I ever replied. Photos would be great! Anything in fact - I too occasionally find boxes but don't think I have any more


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